The 2015 Edition Featured:

Meet The Beetles: Beatles Tribute Band
The Yellow SubMorons: Rutles Tribute Band
Danny Donuts, Music Comedian performing the entire CRABBY ROAD album
Diana Mayne
Bob Dobro, Liverpool Legends' "5th Beatle"
a special performance by  
Sgt. Sauerkraut's Polka Band 

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The Night Ministry is a Chicago-based organization that works to offer housing, health care and human connection to members of the Chicago community struggling with poverty or homelessness.

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That favorite time of year. Danny Donuts invites you to take part in one of the most meaningful concerts of the season,
We're already planning the 2016 concert so stay tuned!
​And Save The Date! Saturday, December 17, 2016
​Chicago, Illinois
Tribute Concert, Fundraiser, Glove Drive 
supporting The Night Ministry

The 2015 promo video:

Dear (your name here)
     For the past two years, I've produced a glove drive and fundraiser in Chicago called, "Christmas With The Beatles"

     You've heard that All You Need Is Love, but there are many people in Chicago who need so much more. Enter The Night Ministry. For the second consecutive year, we were able to connect your generosity with this generous organization who distributed 67 pairs of warm gloves we collected in 2015 to those struggling with poverty or homelessness. We also donated a portion of the proceeds to The Night Ministry so they can continue to offer housing, health care and human connection to those in need. 

     A big thank you to our hostess Urszula Ciszek, owner of the historic Karolinka Club, across from Midway airport. Karolinka Club serves up some of the best Polish food in Chicago! We packed the club full of Christmas cheer!
    It might be a while until next Christmas  but help is always needed. Please consider making a donation to The Night Ministry and stopping in at The Karolinka Club the next time you're in the Midway airport neighborhood!

Peace, Love and The Beatles,

     Danny Donuts